Transfer and Repositioning

Air Slide mattress


The AirSlide is the next generation air mattress technology for lateral patient transfer. A low friction bottom material eliminates the need for thousands of pin holes seen in older airflow devices. The patient remains comfortably on the inflated air mattress throughout transportation and procedures. The AirSlide is an important part of any Safe Patient Handling program.



rollboardSamarit Rollbord

The Samarit Rollbord is a soft and lightweight patient transfer device that contains no metal rollers. The anti-bacterial treated surface and disposable cover sheet help to achieve maximum infection control. The Rollbord is an important part of any Safe Patient Handling program.


repositioning aides

Repositioning Aides

We have many options for repositioning aides to help you with your NO LIFT policy. These will not only be easier on the patient but the caregiver as well. There are many devices that will help you obtain your goal in your facility. From the slide sheets, to the One Way Seat cushion, there is a solution for you. Devices that help with the standing or seated pivot have become extremely popular in the long term care facilities. Please let us know what repositioning aides would be most helpful to the care of your patients!